November 17, 2008

December Meeting- Call for Presentations

On Sunday, December 14th, Ibaraki JALT will be having an afternoon meeting at Mito Shiminkaikan. (Followed by a Bonenkai at the restaurant KELLS. ) Our featured speaker will be Steve Brown, Past President of JALT National. We will also be having Presentations by Chapter Members. If you are a paid-up Chapter Member you are eligible (and most welcome!) to present. Presentation time is 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q and A.
Each presenter will receive an honorarium of 5000 yen.
The deadline for the Name and Presentation Title is November 12th. (Please try to do it now.)
The deadline for some short bio-data and a short abstract will be November 26th.

All paid-up Chapter Members are eligible. As the Program Chair I have received complaints that some presentations have not been academic enough and on the other hand complaints about presentations that are overly academic with little meaning but which are blanketed with confusing statistical charts and graphs. I
not responsible for the content. If you wish to have an in depth academic discussion on a pedagogical point that is fine. If you wish to speak about your business, or children, or university students, or high school students, or hiring policies, or the teaching of handicapped people, that's fine. But it must be within your allotted time. This is your right as a member.

Regarding time. The time will be strictly enforced, using techniques I've observed at the Linguistics Conference at Temple University, our National Conference, and the International Training in Communication presentations. (Actually, the allotted time of 20 minutes may be shortened or lengthened a bit depending on the number of presenters.)
Let's have a good meeting,
Martin Pauly