April 12, 2010

Spring 2010 Meeting

Our next meeting is planned for Sunday, May 30. We'll be meeting at the beautiful campus of Ibaraki Christian University. We wish to thank them for their generosity in allowing us the use of their excellent facilities.

Place: Ibaraki Christian University (Bldg. 5), Hitachi
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm (with lots of break time in between presentations),
followed by the business meeting

The title/theme for the day:
Creativity in the Classroom.


Creative Management and Learning: Speed-Song-Dictation-Conversational-

Tim Murphey
Kanda University of International Studies

Prof. Murphey will illustrate the use of Creative Management and Learning through Speed-Song-Dictation-Conversational-Routines, an easy and fun way to promote learning and manage classes in an innovative way. This technique promotes agency and puts student input to use.


Composing haiku for communicative purposes

Atsushi Iida
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how EFL writing instructors can use haiku for the purpose of developing communicative skills and writing with a greater sense of voice. The presenter will share a series of haiku writing activities to develop students’ voice.


Play Production in ESL/EFL Class

Samuel Nfor
Tsukuba, Saitama and Dokkyo Universities

Throughout history, drama has often been clasped to education, be it in the didactic sense of teaching a message, or in a rather integrated sense of processing experience. This presentation will develop around the latter. The possibilities and options for drama’s use in language acquisition will be discussed. We will take a look at the elements of the dramatic process that support language acquisition from raw script, to rehearsals, to performance. 


Effects of Speaking Activity Attitudes on Willingness to Communicate and Classroom Speaking Anxiety

Tomoka Kaneko 
Ibaraki University

This study investigates the relationships between learners’ attitudes toward speaking activities, their willingness to communicate, and classroom speaking anxiety. Changes in these three variables were examined by administering three distinct measures to 120 college freshmen at the beginning and the end of the semester.

Access to Ibaraki Christian University is easy by the Joban Line or by car.

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Hoping to see you there and don't forget, if you have old books that need a new home bring them to donate for our book fair!