August 22, 2010

October - All Day Meeting

We are looking forward to meeting you in the cool of the Autumn at the beautiful campus of Tsukuba Gakuin University. You'll find the facilities modern and comfortable!

Sun 10 Oct 9:30-17:00
Tsukuba Gakuin University (Meeting Room 1 & 2), Tsukuba (map at the end of this post)
Non-members 500 yen

Details and Agenda

09:30 Registration begins

10:00~11:45 (Morning Session

(A.M. Session) Simple Sentences for Young Learners by Sanae Kawamoto and Hanna Schnack

Lunch Break in Tsukuba Center

(P.M. Session) What Can I Do As A Member? (re. NPO law, parliamentary procedure) by Lawrence Cisar and
Japanese Students' Perceptions of Peer Feedback by Tomoka Kaneko; Business Meeting/Annual Elections

Abstracts of Presentations:

Simple Sentences for Young Learners
by Sanae Kawamoto and Hanna Schnack

In this workshop, the presenters will show you how to teach vocabulary and simple sentences in a communicative way to young learners. This method can be used in adult classes too, especially for low-level beginners. The presenters will show you a couple of games using easy sentences that can help students learn in a fun way.

Sanae is an author, as well as the owner of the English conversation school "English Time." She currently has two English Time locations in Saitama. She started to learn English when she was 32, which is considered quite late to start learning a language in Japan. Sanae was a self-taught student and never attended any English conversation schools or studied abroad in her pursuit of learning English.

Hanna is an English communication teacher at Miyahara Junior High School and Omiya Besscho Elementary School in Saitama. She also works as a private teacher for the language school "English Time!". Hanna graduated university in Germany in Applied Cultural Sciences. Her main interest lies in foreign cultures and languages. That is the reason why she spent almost 2 years in Australia and currently lives in Japan.

11:45~:14:00 Lunch Break A Relaxed Stroll to the Food Court in Tsukuba Center - Many dining options in the Food Court at Q't

14:00~17:00 Afternoon Session

14:00 What Can I Do as a Member? by Lawrence Cisar

What are your rights under the NPO law as a member of JALT? How do I do anything? How does a Chapter fit in the situation? This brief workshop will look at the NPO law and parliamentary procedure for the chapter member. The workshop will be done as an open discussion session.

Larry is a certified Parliamentarian and a Registered Parliamentarian. He has been teaching in Japan for 36 years and has been working with Parliamentary Procedure for several years. He loves sake and cold red wine.

Japanese Students’ Perceptions of Peer Feedback
by Tomoka Kaneko
This study investigated the nature of interaction during peer editing activities between Japanese university students who were not familiar with these types of activities. The analysis of the data indicated that the participants had little resistance toward the peer editing activities. Also, it proved that the participants’ good relationships as learners contributed to their positive perceptions of the peer editing activities. This resulted in their making most use of their peers’ feedback in their revisions.

Tomoka is teaching mainly at Ibaraki University. Her area of expertise is TESOL. Her interest in this area ranges widely, including nature of Japanese students' interaction in English and ways to improve each of their English skills. She is currently interested in what should constitute Japanese English learners' communicative competence considering both the globalized world and Japanese contexts and how the learners can achieve their goals.

16:00 Chapter Business Meeting & Annual Elections

Th Chapter's Book Fair will continue throughout the day. (We are happy to receive your book donations too.)

Tsukuba Gakuin University is easy to get to by car, with ample free parking. It is also only a short walk from the Tsukuba TX Station along a wide walking thoroughfare which passes Tsukuba's Expo Center, Public Library and Central Park. Enjoy!

We thank Tsukuba Gakuin University for their generous support of baraki JALT in allowing us the use of their splendid facilities.

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