April 27, 2011

JALT Ibaraki Chapter 2011 May Meeting - A Two Day Event

May 28th Program
Session I
14:00 - 15:20 - Featured Speaker Presentation
Mark Shrosbree
Tokai University
Title: Computer Skills for Language Teachers: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
With the wide range of technologies now available, it can be difficult for teachers to choose applications, which are suitable for their teaching situation. As a result, many teachers feel uncomfortable with technology, and avoid even the simple applications that can greatly enhance both course management and pedagogy. This workshop will introduce some simple ideas, which require only basic computer skills. Depending on the requirements of participants, the following areas will be covered: attendance sheets; photo grading sheets; systems for pairing up students; simple video lessons; making handouts; poster presentations. The aim is to provide teachers with some practical skills they can take away from the workshop and apply immediately at work.

Session II
15:35 - 16:20 - My Share 1
Dan Waldhoff
Ibaraki University
Title: Using Contemporary Technology Tools in the Classroom
In this presentation I'll explain how I have incorporated various internet and hand held technologies to reduce the volume of paper being cycled through the classroom, take advantage of students' networking knowhow and make my own work life more efficient.

Session III
16:35 - 17:20 Featured Speaker Presentation
Mark Shrosbree
Tokai University
Title: Methods & Materials that Work
Communicative methodologies are quite rightly still central to English teaching. Course books frequently ask students to find a partner and talk in English about the topics they are studying in class. However, simply asking students – especially those with lower proficiency – to talk in pairs or groups, often yields disappointing results. This presentation will look at a range of methods and materials, which encourage students to communicate.

Mark Shrosbree is a teacher at Tokai University in Kanagawa, Japan. He is interested in course design, methodology and materials development, for both general ESL courses and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). He maintains a personal website and several university homepages which hold many of the materials he has created. These materials are all freely available to other teachers, and are adaptable for a wide range of EFL courses.

17:30-18:20 Business Meeting

May 29th Program
Session IV
10:00-10:45 My Share 2
Joyce Cunningham
Ibaraki University
Title: Getting to Know Canada through its Music and Culture
This presentation on Canadian music blends content-based information with contemporary music of Canada. A brief general overview of content-based instruction will be given and then, we will focus on ways to introduce Canada through its culture and music, for there is little commercially prepared material available in Japan. The audience will be encouraged to participate following the presentation and should leave with specific ideas as to how to craft and enhance such courses in their own situations.
Session V
10:50-11:35 My Share 3
George MacLean
Tsukuba University
Title: To be announced.

Saturday May 28th
Sunday May 29th
13:00 Check In
8:30 Check Out
Session I Featured Speaker
14:00-15:20 Mark Shrosbree
9:00 Breakfast
Session II My Share 1
15:35-16:20 Dan Waldhoff
Session IV My Share 2
10:00-10:45: Joyce Cunningham
Session III Featured Speaker
16:35-17:20 Mark Shrosbree
Session V My Share 3
10:50-11:35: George Maclean
17:30-18:20 Business Meeting
12:00 Go Home
18:30 Dinner, Drinks and Sleep
Overnight stay including two meals = ¥3500

Time - Location
Saturday to Sunday, May 28th – 29th 2011
The Mini-Conference will be at the National Center for Teachers' Development (http://www.nctd.go.jp/index.html) in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki-ken, Japan.

JALT Members: Free Non-Members: ¥500  Students: Free

JALT Ibaraki chapter meetings are open to all interested in learning and teaching languages. Abstracts for the presentations and access information for the venue, as well as further information for future events are available on the chapter home page.

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